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Help Our Teachers – Teacher Wish List

Dear Supporters of Bishop Neumann High School,

I am reaching out today to give you an update on fundraising for the fiscal 2022 – 23 school year. I apologize if you have heard this message before but a continued explanation and exposure to new families and supporters is constantly needed to get the information out.

The Annual Neumann Fund was created in 2015 and ran every year to help supplement and relieve the burden of the parish assessments from the deanery. This fund goes directly to operational costs. Mostly in the form of salaries and benefits (90%) but also in utilities and some minor upkeep.

As of today, we are sitting at $242,224 of our $274,000 goal. This goal historically is raised by 3% annually to try and keep up with the cost of living adjustment. This appeal runs from July 1, 2022 – June 30, 2023. Please consider helping us hit our goal asap so we can fully fund our new teacher wish list below. Just $32,000 to go! Thank you!!!

Click here to donate or learn more about the Neumann Fund!

The new teacher wish list below is something we have been working on for a few months. It is compiled of items our staff would like in order to help improve either our curriculum or environment for students, staff, or community. All items will not be purchased until fully funded. Additionally, in an effort to keep our school running and the reality of the Neumann Fund annually, there will be a 10% tithe on all funds raised towards the teacher wish list. That tithe will go to help hit the Neumann Fund goal this year. If the Neumann Fund goal is reached before June 30th this year, 100% of the funds for the wish list will go to those items. The Neumann fund goal resets (with a 3% increase) on July 1st and the 10% tithe will then be reactivated.

If you have questions or would like to contribute to the Annual Neumann Fund or the teacher wish list please contact Ryan Mascarello in the Development office at (402)443-4151 or If you do not have questions and would like to contribute today, please specify where you would like your funds applied when sending them in. You can drop off contributions or mail the development office at:

Bishop Neumann Development Office
202 S. Linden Street
Wahoo, NE 68066

We will have the ability to process credit cards for the list with a fee sometime within the next few weeks.

GALA and Facilities Update:

GALA 2023 was a successful and fun evening. Thank you all who participated and donated your time, talent, and treasure to make it a success! We raised approximately $302,000 gross this year! GALA is the only fundraiser during the year that we run specifically for capital improvements and upkeep for the schools. All the funds raised will go directly to the schools to improve “brick and mortar,” upkeep, deferred maintenance, and refurbishments. 

As part of the Strategic Plan headed by the Advancement Committee, we launched the Facilities Committee last month in an effort to project, plan, and improve our facilities for many years to come at Bishop Neumann. This committee will be led and run by volunteers of the community and report to SCS administration. Some capital improvements presented by staff have been moved to this committee. Including Fund-A-Need items and general maintenance. More information will be readily released from this group as it is a very relative topic to many in the community.

Thank you for all your continued support and generosity! All of these funds will help us stay competitive, relevant, and renewed for years to come.


Ryan J Mascarello
Development Director


These items are in no particular order. If you would like to “fully fund” an item, please keep in mind the 10% tithe to the total for the Neumann Fund.

Teacher Wish-List:

2nd Refrigerator – Family Sciences
Requested by – Mrs. Wonka

With 4-5 food classes, one fridge just doesn’t cut it some days and it is a game of Tetris trying to fit everything in.

Estimated Cost: $1,000-$2,000

New Hand Mixers – Family Sciences

Requested by – Mrs. Wonka

We use these weekly and currently, they are all mismatched. With all of the same brand, we won’t have to match the beaters to the mixer every time which will save time in the classroom.

Estimated Cost: $200

Empathy Pregnancy Simulator – Family Sciences

Requested by – Mrs. Wonka
For Human Development class it is important to understand how much pregnancy impacts a woman’s body.  This would be an impactful and engaging opportunity to offer students to wear the belly to gain empathy for pregnant women.

Estimated Cost: $1,000

New Gym Floor Tarps – Band, Choir, Dances, Prom, Concerts, Presentations
Requested by – Mrs. Costa


New tarps for the gym for when we have different events (prom, concerts, etc…). The other ones are so old that they are warped, stained, ripped, and so difficult to tape down so nobody will trip or get hurt walking on them. They are becoming more and more of a major safety issue. Not to mention, I don’t know how well they really protect our gym floor anymore.


Estimated Cost: $10,000 this would include new tarps, storage, and deployment system.

Sound Board – TravelMaster Shell – Choir, Play, Band
Requested by – Mrs. Costa

The acoustic shells are used when musicians perform in a large space not acoustically designed for music (like a gym in our case) and don’t have a ton of hanging mics/microphones to help amplify their sound. The shells direct more of the sound out to the audience in front of them providing a better listening experience rather than getting lost up into high ceilings and wide spaces. It also benefits the performers because they can better hear each other making it easier to balance their sound, hear entrances, etc… providing more confidence, which obviously helps them have a stronger, more effective performance altogether.

Estimated Cost: $15,000


Eggspert Buzzer System – Math and Religion
Requested by – Sr. Megan Therese

I would use this to play Jeopardy-like review games, which always makes things more engaging. It can also be used to randomly choose a student to answer a question during a review game to give everyone a chance to answer questions so it isn’t just about speed.

Estimated Cost: $70

Math Wars Method Workshop – Math
Requested by – Sr. Megan Therese

This sounds like a very engaging way to teach math so that everyone is involved and required to answer questions. It is especially designed for students who struggle with math, and as the teacher who currently teaches students who are behind in math, I would love to be able to use some of these strategies with my students.

Estimated Cost: $100

New Folding Machine for Mailings and Programs – All departments that make programs or send mail
Requested by Front office Secretaries

Our current one does not fold nicely, tears papers, messes up, and it is too costly to repair.

Estimated Cost: $3,000

New Weight Room Equipment – Athletics & P.E.
Requested by – Coach Roberts

Dear Bishop Neumann Community,

This is a project initiative to get new equipment for our weight room which would greatly impact all of our grade levels 7-12. As it stands, our equipment is quite dated and is certainly due for an upgrade. Most of our equipment is 20+ years old, some of which can be a safety concern. Advancing what we have would not only greatly benefit our sports programs in junior high and high school, but also our physical education classes across the board. As the PE teacher, I have taken my classes in the weight room a minimum of twice a week throughout the entire school year, so it gets used regularly and is a huge part of our overall fitness program for the school. This would not just benefit our sports programs, but all students at Bishop Neumann. To put it simply, our kids spend a ton of time in the weight room and it is time to advance what we have. Our spacing and capacity for what we can do currently with the old equipment is limited and new equipment would greatly improve the layout and what we are able to do. Our current equipment has served us well, but the advancements in kinesiology and exercise equipment within the last 15 years are ahead of our current capacity. Please consider donating to the Bishop Neumann Weight Room wish list item so we can improve our school moving forward.

Thank you and God bless!

Coach Roberts                                

We would like to get to $50,000 but can get started at $35,000. We can accommodate the new equipment without altering the space it’s in. Although there is a lot of equipment that will stay in place, the old equipment being replaced will be sunset, recycled, or sold.

Each Tier includes 8 new multipurpose racks with 16 pull-up bars. Our current setup is 3 and 3.

Tier 1 ($35,000)- new bars, and new bumper plates. 

Tier 2 ($50,000)- Tier 1 plus new kettlebells, and new plates for racks. 

Tier 3 ($50-$100,000)- Tier 1 & 2 plus new dumbbell set, custom logos, and professional installation. 

New Style of Desk and Chairs – Spanish
Requested by – Mr. Waldman

The style of desk I am requesting (with seats not attached) will allow for more flexibility in arranging the classroom space.  The desks could be arranged in a semi-circle around the outside of the classroom, leaving the middle of the room open.  When I am teaching I can stand in the middle of the room essentially giving every student a front-row seat.  When we act out stories, we have an open space in the middle of the room so everyone can see.  When we have class debates, the horseshoe arrangement promotes more discussion and participation.  Finally, having detached chairs would allow for another arrangement in the classroom – no desks.  Sometimes I might want every student to sit on a chair, but not to have a desk.  The desks with detached chairs allow for many more options in arranging the classroom that my current desks with attached chairs do not.

Estimated Cost: $7,000

New office door with Window – Development Office
Requested by – Development Staff

To allow privacy of our office conversation while keeping out cold and restroom smells. Our current door does not have a window and we are interrupted a lot by knocks and “barge-ins.”

Estimated Cost: $1,200

Stations of the Cross Booklets – Campus Ministry
Requested by – Mrs. Kenney

We need Stations Booklets because every time we have stations I have to borrow from St. Wenceslaus parish.  It would be nice to have our own.  We have a few but not enough for classes or larger groups.

Estimated Cost: $300

Patens for School Mass – Campus Ministry
Requested by – Mrs. Kenney

We are in need of patens for Mass at school, we currently do not have enough.  We borrow from St. Wenceslaus from time to time.  It is inconvenient and we mix things up not knowing what belongs where.

Estimated Cost: $510

New Monstrance – Campus Ministry
Requested by – Mrs. Kenney

We would like a new larger Monstrance because our current one is very small. It would be nice to have a larger one to give our Lord the reverence and display he is do, and for our larger adoration events. For larger events, we have currently been borrowing St. Wenceslaus’s. 

Estimated Cost: $500 – $5,000

An additional ¾ size tuba for junior high and elementary students – Band

Requested by – Mr. Kellett

We currently have one ¾ size tuba.  The full-size tubas we have for high school are too big for elementary students and most junior high students to handle.  They are physically large and take an enormous amount of air to play.  Having another ¾ size tuba would allow us to start an additional 6th or 7th grader on tuba, which will give us that critical low sound we need.  It will also help prepare students for playing the tuba in the high school band.

Estimated Cost: $3,000

A vibraphone (percussion keyboard instrument with metal bars) – Band
Requested by –  Mr. Kellett

There are 5 keyboard percussion instruments, each with its own distinct sound.  When I was hired, we had 3 of the 5, chimes, bells, and xylophone.  Due to a generous donation, I was able to purchase a marimba.  With a vibraphone, we would have all five.  The vibraphone is used in concert and jazz band.  Since I’ve been here, anytime I needed a vibraphone I’ve had to borrow one from Wahoo Public and Midland College.

Estimated Cost: $3,000