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October Plume 2022 XXXIII Number 2

A message from Fr. Jirovsky

Dear Bishop Neumann Family,
“The harvest is plenty, laborers are few, come with me into the field…”

There are so many things happening right now that are the fulfillment of promises planted long ago and finally coming to fruition: duck dinners, fall festivals, kolaches, beans, milo, corn, playoffs, tournaments and championships.

Anyone who has been involved with these kinds of events knows that in order for any of them to be successful, a commitment to growing, nurturing, and practicing good stewardship of the talents and gifts was necessary for there to be a pig on a plate or a trophy in the case.


“Good things take time; and really good things last an eternity.”

144 years ago a commitment was made by a group of Catholic Czechs, a priest, and their bishop, to purchase a small piece of land to build a structure that would be the place they could come together to be present to the mystery where the Master of the Harvest would feed and nourish us to this very day. 58 years ago they sacrificed to build a high school. Last month we renovated the Industrial Arts classroom and dedicated the Landen Montanio Fabrication Center.

We’ve been so blessed to have inherited such a great commitment to our faith, a school to be able to share it with our children, and the support of a community of believers that we can continue to expand and offer more space for events that will shape the hearts of generations to come. As we see so many things happening we also have hope for the future. What seeds are we now planting for future reaping by our children and their children?

The work that we accomplished on the exterior – beams, bricks, doors, and glass – are just a reflection of the belief and generosity we hold interiorly. I would invite you to consider the opportunity you have now to make a commitment to generously give to the building up of the Church in Saunders County. Like those that have gone before, we may not see the results of our gift immediately, or even in our lifetime. But in God’s good time, we trust that it will bear fruit that lasts.

“… some seed fell on rich soil, and produced fruit, a hundred or sixty or thirtyfold. Whoever has ears ought to hear.”


In Chirst,
Fr. Jirovsky

Announcements from Administration

On Jean days/red gold jean days, students may also wear school pants, shorts, or skorts with shirt/hoodie

School Closing Reminder:  In the event, the weather creates hazardous conditions, information pertaining to the closing or late start of school will be broadcast by the following  KFAB Omaha, 1110 AM; WOW -TV, Omaha, Channel 6; KETV -TV, Omaha, Channel 7; KLKN—TV Lincoln, Channel 8; KOLN—TV Lincoln, Channel 10.

We will also use SCHOOL MESSENGER System.

Please update the office with any new information.


Bishop Neumann Dress Requirements for Senior Pictures (p. 29, student handbook)  In order for students to be pictured in a professional and dignified way in their senior Yearbook and the Graduation Display near the school’s entrance, we ask for adherence to the following requirements. All students must be dressed following these guidelines for the class pictures sections of the Bishop Neumann Yearbook and the Graduation Display:

Boys and Girls:  All pictures should be a head and shoulders type of pose. Hands may be folded and included in the pictures if there are no symbolic gestures of any kind. We do not allow words or symbols on clothing.  We will not accept pictures of students in Bishop Neumann uniforms and jackets. Photograph backgrounds are to be approved by the Yearbook Coordinator.  Pictures with facial hair, any piercing (other than earrings for girls), tattoos or hats are not acceptable and must meet all other Student Handbook guidelines.

Girls: Tops or dresses must reach the neckline with no obvious cleavage. No words or symbols on clothing.

Shoulders must be covered.

Boys:  Suits or sport coats with long neckties or bowties.

Sport shirts (polo shirts) with top button open; turtlenecks, v-neck sweaters with

shirts or crew neck sweaters.

Service Day –  Wednesday, November 3rd please contact Missy Chvatal, for details.

ACT Prep course – Bishop Neumann will be offering ACT Prep leading up to the December ACT.  Dates have not been determined.  Look for more info in the daily bulletin.

Choir News

* Thank you to everyone who came out to the first Choral Concert of the year! Congratulations to all students 7-12 that performed in any of the choirs.  It was a great evening full of a variety of music!

* Starting November 3rd, Jr. High Show Choir will be meeting on Thursdays at 7:45am (access period) instead of Mondays now that marching band season will have concluded. If your student would like to join and give show choir a try for the first time, they are invited to join us – no audition needed!

*CONGRATULATIONS to the following students, who auditioned and were selected for the Nebraska All-State Honor Choir & Band, which will perform on November 18th at the Lied Center:

Second-Year Members:

Jordan Hiemstra – Tenor 2 (Choir)

Hallie Masek – Soprano 1 (Choir)

First-Year Members:

Julia Ingwersen – Bari Saxophone (Band)

Hannah Vech – Soprano 1 (Choir)

*The next Music Booster meeting is scheduled for Wednesday November 9th at 7:00pm in the Music Room. All parents of a student in any music class are encouraged to attend.

*On November 11th, all the Sr. High Choirs will be performing at the Veteran’s Day assembly being held at the Wahoo Performance-Learning Center (auditorium). All Veterans and community members are welcome!

Campus Ministry Class Retreats

This past month, Bishop Neumann participated in class retreats.  Students participated in service projects, listened to speakers, and engaged in Adoration,  Confession, and Mass.  This a beautiful and reflective opportunity to finish our first quarter of classes.

  • 7th grade  to the Holy Family shrine and St. Mary Parish in Ashland
  • 8th grade to Lincoln to assist at the Catholic Social Services and spent time at the Carmelite Convent in Valparaiso
  • 9th grade  to St. Gregory the Great Seminary in Seward
  • 10th grade to School Sisters of Christ the King in Lincoln
  • 11th grade to the Newman Center at the University of Nebraska at Omaha
  • 12th grade to Newman Center at the University of Nebraska at Lincoln


This year’s FCCLA chapter started the year off by introducing our new
officers: Amanda Fylstra, Logan Sylliaasen, Lainey Sommerfeld, Lydia
Schwede, Adelyn Zwick, and Grace Ryan. Our members walked into the new
year of FCCLA with walking tacos and Olympic games. Our first meeting
was a blast as we welcomed all our new and returning members.

Members Lainey Sommerfeld, Joselyn Covarrubias, Chloe Sullivan,
Ingrid Bartek, Trinity Youngblood, and Julia Vrana attended the Fall
Leadership Workshop conference in Kearney during September. They learned
from the Nebraska state officers and other great speakers throughout
the day.

Bishop Neumann FCCLA has so much planned for the year. You can see us
next at Trunk or Treat on October 30th and districts on November 19th.
Our officers and other members will be competing in a variety of
competitive events which will take us to state in April. We can’t wait
for what the year will bring to our chapter!

National March for Life

50th Anniversary Pilgrimage

Celebrate the overturning of Roe vs. Wade with a pilgrimage to Washington D.C.

When:  January 17-21, 2023

Cost:  $480 per person

 Register at


Save the Dates:

Alumni Memorial Mass – November 2nd at 1:45 pm at Bishop Neumann Gymnasium – All Schools

Giving Tuesday – November 29th

Gala will be April 1, 2022 – at Starlite— Theme TBD

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