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St. Wenceslaus Catholic School Addition

Over the last few years, the St. Wenceslaus Building Committee has held multiple campaigns to raise funds for the school addition.  In May of 2019, we exceeded our initial goal and raised $1.7 million and finally with approval from the Dioceses in May of 2021, we broke ground on the new school addition.

However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, increases in material costs and building code changes, the cost has now increased to $2.2 million with an additional $300,000 needed in a contingency fund.

Our current funds will allow us to continue construction until the end of the year.  At that time we will have to take out a loan from the Diocese to finish the school expansion.

We will have five years to pay back the loan from the Diocese.  The sooner we can pay off the loan, the less interest we will owe.  Additionally, if we can raise the full amount, no loan would be needed!  With this in mind, we have initiated the “Lightning Campaign 2.0” with a goal to raise $800,000 by the end of the year.

Donations can be made via Check, Electronic Funds Transfer and PushPay.  ACH and Pledge Forms are available for download on this page.  Please contact Peg Bouc with any questions, contributions and/or pledges.  Remember, donations are tax deductible!

Contact: Peg Bouc
Phone: (402) 443-4235  Ext. #3

Thank you to the donors that have stepped forward to make a pledge, ensuring Catholic education for our future!

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