Saunders Catholic Schools

History of St. Wenceslaus

St. Wenceslaus school has been an active part of the Wahoo community since 1910. When the school began it was staffed by the Benedictine Sisters for 13 years. The sisters lived in the school and students were allowed to board there. Grades one through ten attended the school at this time. The Notre Dame Sisters in 1923 agreed to teach at St. Wenceslaus and they have stayed on to this present date. The first lay teacher came in 1956 and the first Marian sisters came in 1967. The first lay principal was employed in 1973. St. Wenceslaus’s enrollment continues to grow. The enrollment had gone from 109 students in 1923 to the peak year, 2012, with 310 students.

St. Wenceslaus school remained a K-8 facility from 1964 to 1989. Grades one through five were self-contained with a student-teacher ratio of 19 to 1. The enrollment steadily increased throughout each year. This increase of student enrollment was the catalyst for a new school building to be built in 1989. Further increase in enrollment saw an extra addition in 1995 to the west side of the school. In 1997 a preschool program began at St. Wenceslaus. In 2022, a new addition was added to the north side of the school.

St. Wenceslaus has always had a strong academic program with the Catholic Faith being of utmost importance. The Religion Department at St. Wenceslaus has continued to be active throughout the years. Students plan and participate in weekly masses. All teachers strive to develop Christian, caring students who reach out to the greater community. Students are also involved in service projects throughout the year to help build a spirit of service and love for others.