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Admissions at St. John Nepomucene

St. John’s partners with parents to offer a beautiful and truly Catholic education and formation for students.  St. John’s Catholic Elementary School is located in Weston, NE, and offers grades K-6 and Pre-K classes.  If you are interested in joining the St. John’s school family, please contact the office at 402-642-5234.

Tuition & Scholarships: 

Our tuition philosophy is focused on making Catholic Education available to all students.  Through financial support from our parishes, families, and benefactors, St. John’s is affordable for any family, through discounted tuition and, if necessary, through additional financial assistance from our Guardian Angel Fund and the Good Shepherd Scholarship.

Tuition & Fees: 

To view information about tuition and fees for all grades in Saunders Catholic Schools, including St. John Nepomucene, click here:  

Saunders Catholic Schools Tuition Policy 2024-25

Scholarship Opportunities:

The Good Shepherd Scholarship is provided by the Diocese of Lincoln and provides $1,800 for grades K-8 and $2,100 for grades 9-12 and will cover families within 225% of the Federal Poverty Level.

Saunders Catholic Schools also offers the Guardian Angel Scholarship, for families who have a financial need but do not qualify for the Good Shepherd Scholarship.  Families must apply in FACTS to be considered for the Guardian Angel Scholarship program.

Family Tuition Cap Scholarship:

The Family Tuition Cap Scholarship is a scholarship for families with more than three students, the family pays tuition for the first three students and the rest will be tuition-free (K-12).  For more information, click here:  Family Tuition Cap Scholarships

To be eligible for the Good Shepherd Scholarship, the Guardian Angel, or the Family Tuition Cap Scholarship, families must apply through the FACTS Scholarship Management program.   Any family may apply, regardless of income level or religious affiliation. Families only need to complete one application for all scholarships, the application fee is $40.  To apply for scholarships and financial aid, click here.

For more information about St. John’s school, the Tuition Policy, and Scholarships, please contact us at 402-642-5234.

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