Saunders Catholic Schools


Beef Booster

Larry and Marty Mach, parents of Bishop Neumann Catholic High School Alumni Ross, Ryan, and Wendy were well known for their community spirit and volunteerism. Marty enjoyed entertaining family and friends, baking kolaches, and yodeling while Larry was a “Nebraska Cattleman” who served on the Saunders County Livestock Association Board of Directors. At the beginning of the 2020 school year, Larry contacted Bishop Neumann to try and organize a beef booster program that would offer local beef options to feed the students of Saunders Catholic Schools. Larry’s goal was one cow a month (10 per year) with processing costs donated by both members of the community and the beef booster program.


Saunders Catholic Schools utilize high-quality, locally raised beef for their lunch program rather than purchasing beef through a food service provider. It has created a connection between the school and the community and increases the amount of beef served to students weekly/monthly. Money saved has enhanced the school lunch program to provide more options to students.

The USDA-approved processing facility has been secured. We now need to secure the beef and funding necessary to proceed with this project. Keep in mind all donations (cash & cow) are tax deductible.