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Curriculum Guide

Neumann offers both a college preparatory and a general secondary education program. Classes are offered in eleven academic departments:  Business, English, Fine Arts, Foreign Language, Home Economics, Industrial Arts, Mathematics, Physical Education, Religion, Science, and Social Studies.

To graduate from Bishop Neumann High School, a student must have earned a minimum of 250 credits that include the following:

4-years of Religion: 40 hours
4-years Mathematics: 40 hours
4-years English: 40 hours
3-years Social Sciences: 30 hours
3-years Science: 30 hours
2-years Foreign Language or Vocational: 20 hours
2-years Fine or Performing Arts: 20 hours
1-years Physical Education/Health: 10 hours
1-semester of Personal Finance: 5 hours
1-semester of Computer Education: 5 hours
1-semester of Speech: 5 hours

Bishop Neumann is a fully accredited high school in good standing with the Nebraska Department of Education (NDE) and is a Cognia Accredited high school.  Click here to read the current 2023-2024 Curriculum Guide.

Curriculum Guide 2024-2025