Saunders Catholic Schools


Community System

The primary objective of the Community system at Bishop Neumann is to be intentional in growing in our relationship with each other and with Jesus Christ.  The goal of the Community System is to enable all students, not just those who hold a specific title, to embrace their potential for leadership and to become part of a multi-grade community that is responsible for the academic, social, and spiritual growth of all its members. The Community system allows students and faculty time to play and pray together, as well as time for positive peer-to-peer growth. 

The Community System is important because being in authentic relationships is the most important part of developing students’ spiritual lives. We do this intentionally every day in ‘House’. Students must walk with peers and mentors who are in a relationship with Jesus in order to feel comfortable getting to know Jesus Christ.

Students meet daily in ‘House’ and once a week in ‘Community’.  Each Friday, the communities attend all-school Mass together. Students remain in the same Community for 6 years, maturing in relationships and leadership, building authentic bonds with their peers and their Mentor Teachers.

Each Community is named after a particular saint that was voted on by the faculty, staff, and students.  Each community has its own prayer, color, and motto, while attempting to live out the charisms of the saint and the quote that has been chosen.  Our four communities compete with one another for the, “Cavalier Cup,” awarded at the end of the year. The saints and mottos are listed below:




St. Michael “Defend us in battle”

St. Joseph Terror of Demons and Protector of Families

St. Joan of Arc – “I was born to do this!”

St. José Sánchez del Río –“¡Viva Cristo Rey!” (Long Live Christ the King!)

The Bishop Neumann Community System teaches “other-centered” instead of “self-centered” by sharing in daily “play,” charity, and Community competitions. As a Catholic school, centered on Jesus Christ, our goal is that students feel known and loved so they will have more freedom to excel in all areas of their lives.


  • Our Community System provides over 40 leadership positions for upperclassmen, giving them opportunities to plan events, provide mentorship, and lead others to Christ.
  • Our juniors and seniors go through a two-day extensive leadership training summit, and continuous training throughout the year.