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Facilities Committee

In April of 2023 Father Jirovsky pushed forward the initiative to create a Facilities Committee at Bishop Neumann high school. The four main goals given to this committee by administration were;

1) Identify and prioritize short term facility projects

2) Create a campus facilities master plan

3) Develop and recommend maintenance and replacement schedules

4) Communicate with SCS stakeholders on facility recommendations and projects

The committee has been meeting frequently (in and outside of meeting structure) since May of 2023 to execute past due projects and to address issues that have been uncovered.

Please see meeting minutes and members below. Many of these members were selected by their experience in corporate facilities, construction, maintenance and finance. Please contact any of the lay members of the committee to get updates in regards to BN facilities.

Meeting Minutes:







Committee Members:

Kevin Stuhr – Chair –
Marv Wiese
Kevin Hittle
Beth Pavlik
Rick Stava
Tobin Spangler
Kristy Fortik
Adam Quinn
Dan Gruenes
Rick Ahrens
Ryan Mascarello
Fr. Steve Mills
Fr. Lee Jirovsky