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College Selection

Each Spring, Mrs. Chvatal will be visiting with all junior students to discuss their post-secondary plans. Some students may already have a clear direction for life after graduation from Bishop Neumann while others may still be contemplating what they will be doing. This discussion will help guide students in both categories as well as those between! Below is a link to each of the sections in the booklet that is used to facilitate this discussion. Parents may find it helpful as you have these discussions with your student as well.

College Application Checklist
High School Academic Preparation
Education & Careers
Choosing a College
Applications & Letters of Recommendation
Financial Aid & Scholarships
Timelines & Helpful Websites

Making a college choice can be difficult. Begin by identifying what your reasons are for going to college.
–  What do you hope to gain?
–  What learning opportunities do you need?
–  What are your goals?
–  What are your career ambitions?
–  How will college help you achieve these goals and ambitions?

The next step is to relate these goals to factors you can use as you search for colleges that meet your needs. Factors to consider:
–  Type of college
–  Location
–  Admissions selectivity
–  Costs
–  Majors and study programs available
–  Social life

The University of Nebraska On Course Program
Some students choose to attend a community college as a way to complete prerequisite courses before attending a 4 year college or university. Students who complete On Course requirements are guaranteed admission to UNL, UNO, or UNK. On Course advisors work with students to help ensure that credits transfer toward a bachelor’s degree in the University of Nebraska system. Contact the On Course advisor at the campus you plan to attend:

UNL – Cindy Cammock or

UNK – LeeAnn Amm or

UNO – Lina Traslavina or

College Visits
Seniors are encouraged to visit prospective colleges. Seniors are allowed two college visits that must be completed by March 31st. It is recommended that you contact the admissions department of each college two weeks prior to the visit. If you need assistance setting these visits up please visit with Mrs. Chvatal. All students must indicate on their sign-out sheet that you are going on a college visit. Although it is not necessary to fill out a special sign-out sheet with Mrs. Chvatal, it would be great if you stopped by to visit before and after your visit. Many times, your tour guide on these visit will be an actual student so be prepared to ask questions! For ideas of areas you may want to explore or ask about on your visit click on the link below. After your tour, write down several impressions you had of the school. These reminders will help you compare colleges later.

College Visitation-Questions to Ask

Newman Centers

Newman Centers are residence & Catholic ministry centers at non-Catholic universities throughout the world. These centers provide pastoral services & ministries to their Catholic communities, in particular to the Roman Catholic student population within universities throughout the world.  Newman Centers were named in honor of Cardinal John Henry Newman and were inspired by Newman’s writings. Nebraska is home to several Newman Centers which provide valuable care and nurture of a student’s faith life while in college. Newman Centers in Nebraska and university contact information are listed below.

Creighton University –

College of Saint Mary –

UNL – St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church Newman Center –

UNO – JPII Newman Center –

UNK – St. Teresa of Calcutta Newman Center –

Wayne State College Catholic Newman Center –