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Give Grain

Giving an asset such as corn, soybeans, and wheat instead of cash can give you great tax benefits. Allowing you to be more generous in your giving to the school. (see below) Always consult your tax advisor before making decisions to donate.  Please contact the development office to find out how you can use this method to maximize your donations. (402) 443-4151.


This example is hypothetical and doesn’t reflect exact values in commodities or taxes.

1000 bushels of corn 1000 bushels of corn
Total Value: $5000 Total Value: $5000
The corn is sold at the elevator. The corn is placed in a school account at the elevator.
TAXES: 12% Federal
15.3% SE
6.8% State
34.1% Total
Total TAXES = $1705
TAXES: 0% Federal
0% SE
0% State
0% Total
Total TAXES = $0
After selling the grain, the cash gift sent to the school will be: $3295 After gifting the grain, the cash gift sent to school will be: $5000