Saunders Catholic Schools


Mission & History

Bishop Neumann is a Catholic diocesan coeducational high school located in Wahoo, Nebraska, serving the students of eleven parishes in the surrounding areas of Saunders County. It was first opened on September 1, 1964. The school is named after St. John Neumann, a Redemptorist priest who as bishop of Philadelphia persuaded the American bishops at the First Baltimore Council in 1852 to establish a parochial school system. Bishop Neumann Catholic high school serves students in grades 7-12 in areas surrounding Saunders County. We deliver outstanding faith-first education and experiences that build and guide young minds. Our curriculum combines both college preparatory and general secondary courses, with 100% of students graduating and progressing on to post-secondary education, the military, or religious service.



The vision of Bishop Neumann is to foster strong Catholic values and successful lifelong learning for the 21st Century.



Because God has made us, saved us, and called us to eternity, Bishop Neumann will foster high expectations in a person’s spiritual, intellectual, physical, and social life.



“Passion of Christ, strengthen me.”

Our Objectives:

To strive to create a Christian community within the school by recognizing and respecting the Godgiven dignity of each unique person.
To provide opportunities for prayer, selfsacrifice, reception of the sacraments, and the Liturgy.

To provide students with opportunities for serving others in the church, community, and civic affairs.

To assist the students in developing a sense of personal responsibility for their own behavior and the use of their abilities and time.

– To promote intellectual growth in all students by recognizing effort and diligence
as a component of success in learning.

To provide a curriculum that challenges all students to grow academically as it cultivates their interests and corresponds to their needs and abilities.

To develop wellbalanced individuals by providing enrichment experiences in all disciplines.

To provide opportunities for students to participate in extracurricular activities and community affairs, thus enabling them to not only develop, demonstrate, and share their Godgiven talents, but also encourage them to take responsibility, gain leadership skills, and model Christian attitudes.