Saunders Catholic Schools



Bishop Neumann has Junior and Senior High Trap Teams, with both girls and boys participating.  The teams travel to local and state competitions in the spring including the Nebraska State Trap Meet in Doniphan, NE in May each year.

Coaches:  Tom Cherovsky & Kirk Heimstra

What is Trap Shooting?

Trap shooting is a shotgun sport where a student is trying to break clay disk targets flying out of a concrete bunker that is 16 to 27 yards in front of them.  A round of trap consists of twenty-five shots, five each from five stations (or posts). The closest stations are in an arc 16 yards behind the trap house. After five shots at one station, shooters move to the right with the last person moving to the far left post.  After mounting the gun, you call “pull”. An oscillating trap throws a target at a random angle away from you.  The shooter tries to hit the clay disk, 50 times in the first round. The shooters are handicapped for the next round and the higher-ranked shooters will shoot from 27 yards and lower-ranked shooters will stay at 16 yards.  The total score from the first and second rounds are totaled (best of 100 shots) and the highest individual scores receive medals or trophies and the member’s scores from each team are added up for the team championship.